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Q&A: Can You Buy Dinovite in Stores?Comment RSS

July 31, 2009

Question: “Hi K9 Health Solutions, I was wondering if you could buy Dinovite in stores? Or is it only available online through you or the manufacturer? Thanks!” – Becky, WI

Answer: Hi Becky! Thanks for your question.

Dinovite is a great product to use with your dog, especially if you feel that he’s not getting all of the nutrients he needs to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Designed to deliver vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes to your dog in an easy to use, tasteless formula, Dinovite dog supplement is a great choice for any pet owner that wants to be sure that their dog is getting the most out of his diet.

However, when it comes down to finding Dinovite for your dog, it may not be as easy as you think. Right now, the best place to buy Dinovite is online, at select retailers like Our selection of Dinovite products are sure to serve any dog breed or size, plus we offer great deals on pricing so you can feel free to stock up.

Feel free to buy Dinovite and get your dog to the level of health where he should be. Stop by the store and pick out a pail today.

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